This first edition in our special thanks special thanks section is  from Mick Gordon and family.  With these beaming reviews and speedy recovery , we at Dundee By Light feel our beloved NHS dont get enough recognition , support and thanks . So we would like to show our gratitude in the only way we know how. Lighting things in blue! 💙
Mick Gordon and family would like to  give a huge thank you to the NHS team for his amazing level of care and  speedy recovery.  A very special thanks to the Consultants, Dr McDonald & Dr Shiektar , the  head nurses Claire laing  and Paula dryden , the whole of ward 27, the maxillofacial department nurses and doctors , Mick says “ in fact theres that many and every single one of them , the porters and orderly staff,  absolutely everyone . I would  even have to give thanks to their parents as well that's how good to me they all were, and especially a massive thanks for putting up with me , haha . everyone was awesome, the physios and dieticians, the newly qualified nurse Jodie  and the guy that delivered the courier! “.     
#NHS #CancerAwareness #SupportOurNHS #NinewellsDundee #DundeeByLight  #LightItBlue
All illuminations and light shows by Dundee By Light 
All photography by Dundee By Light

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